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Payment Industry Trends | Middle East


Country reports on Middle East cards & payments market

Verisk Financial Research reports combine comprehensive analysis on the cards and payments markets across the Middle East with expert commentary and insight.
The in-depth reports are an invaluable resource for companies seeking to invest or expand in the Middle East.

Our dedicated research teams mine primary and secondary source sources and conduct in-depth interviews with industry insiders to provide penetrative analysis of the retail banking and payments markets for Middle East countries from Bahrain to the United Arab Emirates.

Reports enable clients to not only evaluate the competition country by country but to make informed decisions on expanding operations or building new partnerships in the evolving Middle East cards and payments market.

Delivered in a clear, digestible format, Verisk reports on industry trends are designed to foster intelligent comparison of retail banking, consumer finance and the card payments landscapes across the Middle East.

Card payment reports for the Middle East | Key Points

  • Detailed industry data is combined with expert commentary for a comprehensive overview of Middle Eastern market trends.
  • Current trends in payment methods encompass the growth in contactless and mobile payments, access to bank branches and ATM use.
  • Market share for global and local players offer an expert assessment of retail banking, merchant acquirer and competitor performance.
  • Credit card profitability in the Middle East covers derived profits from interest income, net interest revenue, merchant revenue and other non-interest income.
  • Analysts report on the regulatory landscape for the card payments market as well as investigate the latest developments in payments technology.
  • A systematic template design facilitates comparative cross-referencing of payments markets across the Middle East.

Middle East payments research reports A-Z