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Bank reflection 4
Weekly News Digest 24 January 2020

As in our personal lives, there is no better month than January to take stock: in the case of companies with shareholders that period of reflection happens once the fourth-quarter results are released. And, as we saw last week with major banks in the United States, the mood has been generally positive, with only Wells Fargo struggling to make hay as the economy shines. In fact, according to the Financial Times, the big US banks not only grew but actually doubled their profits in the decade just ended, having weathered an extended period of pressure on margins from low interest rates and the regulatory push that came in the wake of the 2008 crash. The rising power of Big Tech, which once seemed to present an existential... Read more >

Weekly News Digest 17 January 2020

Visa acquiring Plaid | Credit cards gambling ban in UK | US 4Q results | Marcus app

Weekly News Digest 10 January 2020

US banking concern | Sapphire fee hike | UK repayments rise | Open Banking to S. Korea, but not yet Australia

Fintech image
Weekly News Digest 20 December 2019

FDIC weighs Tech-favouring move | Open Finance | UK overdraft changes | Australian fines mount

Weekly News Digest 13 December 2019

New York contactless boost | Deutsche saving €100m via retail restructure | N26 adapts to US | Hong Kong neobanks mull launches

Weekly News Digest 6th December 2019

EBA advises cuts & mergers | RBC results | Pay.uk hits new high | NZ capital ratios announced

Rural bank
Weekly News Digest 29 November 2019

US rural bank closures | Chinese rural bank risk | Westpac woes | RBS goes digital | Paytm raises $1bn |

Banks Customer Satisfaction
Weekly News Digest 22 November 2019

US bank satisfaction | Amex network surge | TSB outage lessons | Elavon buys Sage Pay | Apple Pay challenge

Golden Gate Bridge
Weekly News Digest 15 November 2019

Bank of Google | Facebook Pay | Apple Card algorithm alarms | Chinese super-apps open up

Credit cards stack 2
Weekly News Digest 8th November 2019

US loan standards tighten | Spain mulls revolving credit regulations | Australian bank results | Wirecard buys AllScore

Glass buildings
Weekly News Digest 1st November 2019

Mastercard transactions soar | Quarterly results from banks worldwide | Uber Money launch | Raisin plans for US

results chart image
Weekly News Digest 25 October 2019

Quarterly results from cards networks | RBS results reveal cards growth | Handelsbanken narrows focus

Chart 4
Weekly News Digest 18 October 2019

Shining Q3 for US consumer banking | Libra board elected | Machine Learning keeps a banker in the loop and more...

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