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Cards & payments country reports 2020/2021

The latest selection of cards and payments market reports from Verisk Financial Research give clients a unique insight into market trends in the payments industry across 72 countries and six regions. The research reports come packed not only with comprehensive market data but also with expert analysis and detailed commentary on trends and developments. Insider intelligence can be the key to smart decision making in the fast-developing world of cards payments. Our country by country guides offer top-quality research, expert analysis and valuable commentary on growing markets.

Verisk Financial Research Poland Payments Research report
Poland | March 2021 | 62 Pages

What you will learn from this China report:

How Poland's payments environment is so advanced
Why foreign neobanks find it difficult to compete
How Blik has taken the lead in mobile payments
Who leads in retail banking after a busy decade of M&A
Which players control acquiring as consolidation grows

Verisk Financial Research Spain Payments Industry Country Report
Spain | March 2021 | 64 Pages

Takeaways from this Spain cards market report:

How opportunity has arisen as habits change.
What banking reform has meant to payments in Spain.
Which players are availing of BNPL demand.
Why deferred debit has grown.
How issuers have adjusted approach since 2014

Austria Payments Research Report
Austria | March 2021 | 56 Pages

Key points in the Austria report:

How the banks are meeting the digital challenge
Where e-invoices fit in the online payments mix
Why credit card losses are low
How consumers respond to mobile offerings

Verisk Financial Research Taiwan Payments Industry Country Report
Taiwan | February 2021 | 72 Pages

What you will learn from this Taiwan report:

Consumer response to the payments environment
Why debit card usage at the POS has risen
Which online payment tools are finding favour
What credit card issuers are focusing on
How fintech and regulators have yet to combine effectively

Brazil Payments Research Report
Brazil | February 2021 | 75 Pages

Lessons from this Brazil market report:

How the pandemic affected the payments environment.
The role played by the boleto.
Why correspondents remain vital.
Which drivers matter in the cards market.
How acquiring stands after market reforms

Verisk Financial Research Egypt Payments Industry Country Report
Egypt | February 2021 | 63 Pages

Insights in this Egypt cards market review:

How the central bank is boosting the POS.
Why the future is unusually bright for online.
What Meeza has meant to the market.
Why prepaid is on the rise in Egypt.
The effects of high mobile penetration.

Belgium Payments Research Report
Belgium | January 2021 | 55 Pages

Lessons from this Belgium cards market report:

How consolidation has affected mobile payments.
Why the credit card struggles to find a place.
How acceptance affects credit card usage online
Which player dominates rewards.
How prepaid usage has fallen and why.

Bangladesh Payments Research Report
Bangladesh | January 2021 | 65 Pages

Highlights of this Bangladesh payments report:

How mobile payments are transforming the market.
Why white-label hardware licensing is key.
How contactless has fared since its 2018 debut.
Where the best growth prospects lie.
How the debit card is viewed by consumers.

Verisk Financial Research Indonesia Payments Research report
Indonesia | December 2020 | 61 Pages

Key takeaways from this Indonesia report:

How the mobile phone is pivotal for payments.
The culture of Indonesian lending.
What cashless initiatives mean.
Why credit cards are stagnant.
How the affluent segment is growing.

Verisk Financial Research South Korea Payments Industry Country Report
South Korea | December 2020 | 74 Pages

Industry insights into South Korea payments:

How infrastructure is birthing a cashless society.
What is being displaced by mobile payments.
Why credit cards dominate online payments.
The role of tax benefits in debit card usage.
Credit card recovery from cyber theft setbacks.

Verisk Financial Research Ecuador Payments Industry Country Report
Ecuador | December 2020 | 58 Pages

Useful facts in this Ecuador cards market report:

How banks responded when retailers lost issuing rights.
What key regulations are reshaping payments.
Which issuer punches far above its weight.
Response to the Dinero Electrónico failure.
How to empower the debit card.

Verisk Financial Research Japan Payments Research report
Japan | November 2020 | 72 Pages

Answers found in this Japan payments report:

How Japan has improved payments infrastructure.
Which online bank is the most attractive and why.
The implications of homegrown standard FeliCa.
Why QR codes' appeal has seen a resurgence.
How payments rituals reassure consumers.