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Cards & payments market reports | 2021

The latest selection of cards and payments market reports from Verisk Financial Research give clients a unique insight into market trends in the payments industry across 72 countries and six regions. The research reports come packed not only with comprehensive market data but also with expert analysis and detailed commentary on trends and developments. Insider intelligence can be the key to smart decision making in the fast-developing world of cards payments. Our country-by-country guides offer top-quality research, expert analysis and valuable commentary on growing markets. Regional reports on merchant acquiring offer acute analysis of market trends and opportunities backed by deep data intelligence and market forecasts.

Verisk Financial Research USA Payments Industry Country Report
United States | July 2021 | 72 Pages Takeaways from this USA cards market report.

How the cards market has been impacted by coronavirus.
How issuers are responding as the economy reopens.
What is driving changes to the credit card profit pool mix.
How networks are responding to alternative payments.
Why scale is so vital to merchant acquirers in the USA.

Verisk Financial Research Kuwait Payments Research report
Kuwait | July 2021 | 66 Pages Key points in the Kuwait report.

Which banks dominate the retail and payments market.
The popularity of electronic payments in Kuwait.
How Kuwait is home to a young, tech-savvy demographic.
How much the e-commerce market is forecast to grow.
The most popular form of payment card in Kuwait.

Merchant acquirer Asia Pacific
Asia-Pacific | July 2021 | 359 Pages What you will learn from this Asia-Pacific report.

Merchant acquiring in the Asia-Pacific region.
Regional executive summary with analysis of market trends.
Opportunities and threats – plus Razorpay innovator case study.
Detailed commentary and insights including acquirer profiles.
Competitive intelligence on market share for leading acquirers.
Over 160 pages of data, including forecasts to 2023 and 2024.

Saudi Arabia Payments Industry Research Report
Saudi Arabia | June 2021 | 66 Pages Lessons from this Saudi market report.

How the financial sector is being radically transformed.
Why cash is unlikely to regain its lead over cards.
What the new ATM/POS system makes possible.
Why cash-on-delivery has tumbled.
Which revenue streams are most profitable.

Verisk Financial Research Canada Payments Research report
Canada | June 2021 | 65 Pages Insights in this Canadian cards market review.

Why increased competition is coming.
How BNPL is dividing incumbents.
What Canadians seek in credit cards.
Why debit has been impacted by new rules.
Which regulations matter the most.

Verisk Financial Research United Kingdom Payments Research report
United Kingdom | May 2021 | 75 Pages Highlights of this UK payments report.

Why mobile proximity payments are set to take off.
The challengers to cards for e-commerce.
How BNPL has soared, and the headwinds gathering.
Why debit cards have steadily risen to dominate purchase volume.
The power and intent of regulatory reviews and rules.

Verisk Financial Research Mexico Payments Industry Country Report
Mexico | June 2021 | 70 Pages Lessons from this Mexico cards market report.

Why bank transfers have grown in importance.
Which regulations are proving decisive.
How there is new opportunity in prepaid.
Why issuing calls for new creativity.
How profits will fare as the pandemic eases.

Verisk Financial Research Philippines Payments Industry Country Report
Philippines | May 2021 | 59 Pages Market insights into payments in the Philippines.

What the challenges are for credit card growth.
How debit and credit cards are perceived.
Where prepaid cards are being used.
Why mobile payments are becoming so popular.
Which revenue streams have been improving.

Verisk Financial Research Germany Payments Industry Country Report
Germany | May 2021 | 65 Pages Key takeaways from this Germany report.

How Germans are finally starting to relinquish cash.
Why revolving credit's potential is growing.
What will drive mobile payments.
The unusual role of NSPs in acquiring.
Which network has been growing credit card market share.

Verisk Financial Research India Payments Industry Country Report
India | April 2021 | 89 Pages Useful facts in this India cards market report.

How cash has fared in a turbulent half-decade.
What regulatory moves have counted and why.
Which innovations are transforming the POS.
Changes to payments behaviour with COVID-19.
Why credit cards may be set for uplift.

Verisk Financial Research France Payments Industry Country Report
France | April 2021 | 71 Pages Answers found in this France payments report.

Why French consumers are particularly open to BNPL
How neobanks are gaining ground.
Why cashback offerings are on the rise.
The role of deferred debit.
How marketplace commerce is faring.

Verisk Financial Research Poland Payments Research report
Poland | March 2021 | 62 Pages What you will learn from this China report.

How Poland's payments environment is so advanced.
Why foreign neobanks find it difficult to compete.
How Blik has taken the lead in mobile payments.
Who leads in retail banking after a busy decade of M&A.
Which players control acquiring as consolidation grows.