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Key Metrics

Demographics & Economic Indicators
Outlines the key metrics and trends which influence the development of retail banking and payments in the country:

  • Population structure
  • Income
  • Mobile and internet use
  • Economic data

Payments Overview
Explores the structure of the local payments system, its infrastructure payment preferences. Data includes:

  • Bank branch, ATMs and POS terminals
  • Consumer payment trends
  • Online payment methods


Credit Cards:
Details the past, present and future of the industry through data and commentary, including:

  • Market size:
  • Number of cards
  • Transaction volume
  • Billed volume
  • Profit pool analysis
  • Competitive landscape
  • Networks
  • Issuers

Debit and prepaid cards:

  • Market size:
  • Number of cards
  • Transaction volume
  • Billed volume
  • Competitive landscape
  • Networks
  • Issuers

Mobile Payments
Charts the development of mobile payments, explaining the dynamics driving adoption and competition in the market

  • Proximity mobile payments
  • P2P payments
  • Mobile money (in emerging markets)

Acquiring and Processing
Analysis of the local acquiring landscape including:

  • Market shares of leading acquirers split by credit and debit
  • Merchant accounts
  • Transaction volume
  • Transaction value
  • Pricing
  • Processing
  • Online acquiring